Bob Booth

Bob  Booth


- Born in Lincolnshire, England 1948.  Lives in Dawesville, Western Australia

- Art Teacher

- Facilitator – Professional Development for Art Teachers

- Member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts



Royal Society of Portrait Painters, London

The Gallery in Cork Street, London

Collins and Hastie Fine Art Gallery, London

St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle

Bury Art Museum, Manchester


Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Gallerie Quedar, Strasbourg

Jersey, Channel Islands

Falle Fine Art

The Jersey Arts Centre

The Harbour Gallery

Western Australia

Linton and Kay, Perth

Margaret River Galleries, Margaret River

Gallery Nine-by-Five, Fremantle

Moores Building, Fremantle

International - numerous private collections internationally, including Windsor Castle.



I have always been attracted to paintings that are blatantly paint and not an imitation of actuality. Now, almost any painter messing around with paint with reckless abandon, attracts my attention and affects my work. 

The accidental component in my painting method has continued to develop. ‘Accidents’ of the medium, intuition and memory combine to offer exciting potential for ideas.

I seem to have internalised the long brushes that I used for many years, exploiting the absence of control it offered as part of my philosophy and working method.

For me we don’t paint to please, or to be clever.  We don’t paint to make a point, or to teach a lesson. Rather, painting is a calling to work in partnership with a medium:  always one step behind the paint for the sake of integrity; accepting the absence of control and rejoicing in what is after all, half by chance.