Judith Paisley

Judith  Paisley


I have developed a strong passion for the raw and rustic nature of RAKU and ALTERNATIVE firing however in the extreme seem to be heavily influence by the fine dramatic simplicity of the Oriental Style Art forms.  I combine both where possible along with the introduction of mixed media. What I find fascinating about ceramics is that it has such a huge variety of disciplines from which to choose and explore, requiring different areas and levels of expertise.  What I love about Raku, Naked Raku, Saggar and Pit firings are their close interaction with nature and the elements; the fact that the artist has so much physical input and influence throughout most of the process and that the final results are almost instantaneous. With the serendipitous nature of the firing and the treatment in reduction, you can always expect unique one off pieces. The risk of breakage however is very high due to “extreme thermal shock”.  There are no set rules as such, with plenty of scope for experimentation and room to put your own stamp on varying outcomes. We remain the eternal student...learning how "not to be too precious about our pieces" which in turn allows us to experiment, learn and grow. We are not in control, but part of the process and limited only by our imagination. 



1982      Carine Technical College                                       Sculpture

2005      Perth Studio Potters                                                    Basic introduction to pottery

2013      July – Raku Course in Tuscany (Sorano -Italy)       Raku, Naked Raku, Bucchero, Pit Firing

             with Mara Funghi

2015     June- Master Class in Tuscany (Comano – Italy)    Raku, Naked Raku, Surface Treatments,

             Resist techniques, and development of own personal ceramic language.                                       with David Roberts    





2007  -  Perth Studio Potters Biennial Selective Exhibition

2008  -  PSP Grand Opening Burt St Gallery Exhibition

2009  -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition

2011  -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition

2011  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2012  -  Perth College Art Exhibition

2012  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2013  -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition ... “Highly Commended Award”

2013  -  Hale Art Exhibition

2013  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2013  -  Joint Exhibition 3 Ceramists, 1 Painter “4 OF US”

2014  -  Ceramics Arts Association WA Internet Exhibition

2014  -  Hale Art Exhibition

2014  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2014  -  CAAWA Online Exhibition

2014  -  Joint Exhibition "3 PLUS 3" ... 3 Ceramists, 3 Painters

2015  -  Perth College ArtExhibition

2015  -  Churchlands College Art Exhibition

2015  -  PSP Central Park Exhibition

2015  -  CAAWA Biennial Selective Exhibition ... “Highly Commended Award”

2015  -  Hale Art Exhibithion

2015  -  Mazenod Art Exhibition 


I prefer to work in a semi sculptural field of one off pieces as opposed to the disciplined utilitarian production of pottery.  Sculptural work I find has fewer boundaries and limited only by your imagination and adventurous spirit.  It can be a contrived structural piece, a captured moment in time, or an emotion released and expressed in clay.

Associated Exhibitions

1 December - 24 December, 2017
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Dorothy Davies,
Genevieve Montgomerie,
Joanne Duffy,
Jo Darvall,
Judith Paisley,
Malcolm Lindsay,
15 December 2016 – 2 January 2017
Special Twilight Evening
5:30pm Tuesday 27 December
14 December, 2016 - 2 January, 2017
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