Jacinda Bayne


About the Artists:

West Australian Artist Jacinda Bayne invites us to pause and connect. Her Landscapes provide a space for the viewer to breathe and to take time to reflect upon personal experiences. These large scale, evocative canvases are a fusion of experiences, memories and thoughts - light filtering through trees and water, suspended in time. Open fields of colour, smooth gradients of blues/turquoise, familiar landforms, a clearing in a forest and calm waters reflect the world above and below. Colour is always an integral part of the process that evokes emotion toward what we are seeing. Glazes of oil paint fall into considered areas and pathways. The work is smooth, fluid and rich in pigment. Seemingly accidental runs of paint are expertly controlled and purposely placed to lead the eye through the composition. The scale of the works intends to allow the viewers to immerse themselves within the work and quieten the noise of the outside world. Carefully placed, bridges, trees and bodies of water all elicit quietude and reflection.  Inspired by natural beauty, Jacinda returns to her collection of sketches, photographs and paint palettes, where the endless combinations of colours create an internal dialogue. Her combination of colour, light and imagery trigger one’s own sense of place.




BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Fine Art school, Dunedin, Otago, NZ 1997

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2018  Familiar Land, The Studio Gallery

2018  Gallery at 350 Bleecker, New York

2017  Merging Landscapes, Anderson Contemporary New York

2016  Past and Present The Studio Gallery

2015   “Records” PSAS Fremantle

2014   “Landscape and Memory” L & K Galleries

2013   “The Floating Tree” L & K Galleries

2011   “Where The Water Talks” L & K Galleries                 

2010   “In a Different Light” L & K Galleries

2009   “Journey Through the Kimberley” Monsoon G. Broome                  

2007   “Horizons” -  Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

Selected group shows

2014   10yrs Mandurah Performing Arts Ctre Collection, WA

2012   International Sister City Exhibition – Chengdu, China

2011   “North and South” Studio Gallery -Yallingup ,WA

2010   City Art Walk Black Swan Art Prize Perth, WA

1999   Group Exhibition Stenton Gallery, E Lothian, Scotland

1997   Otago Art School 100year Exhibition Dunedin, NZ

Selected Awards and commendations

2014   Highly Commended City Of Bussselton Art Award

2014   Heysen Prize Finalist SA

2013   Black Swan Heritage Finalist WA

2013   Art Prizes Australia VIC

2011   Winner - Mandjar Art Award WA

2010   WA Premiers Art Partnership Grant

2008,9,10     YAWA award Finalist and ‘Artitude’ WA

2008   Highly Commended Signature Southwest WA

2008   Highly commended Vasse Art Award WA

2006   Highly commended Canning Art Awards WA

2005   Winner - Canning Art Award WA


2016   Donnelly River WA

2013   Mowanjum Mural Art Project- Derby WA

2013   Art Residency - Arts Brookfield WA

2012   Artist residency - Chengdu China

2011   Artist In Residence – Bankwest WA

2011   Artist In Residence -True North WA

2010   Artist In Residence - Enex 100 WA

1996/7 WASPS Edinburgh, Scotland

Public and Private Collections

International Art Museum Chengdu China

Mandurah Performing Arts Gallery Collection    

Otago Fine Arts School Dunedin New Zealand

Go Marine WA/Singapore

Mineral House WA                              

True North WA                                                                

Mirvac WA                                                           

Ashburton College   NZ


I paint intuitively, playing with the movement of paint on canvas to achieve unique visual effects. I create richly textured works layered with opaque and translucent paint, but I also enjoys leaving clues for the viewer about how they were constructed. Patches of blank canvas, drips or cracks in the paint are examples of my “playful but considered” technique.

“I love paint, and I use it to create a kind of visual dialogue,” says the artist whose work is at once bold, sensitive and evocative. “I want people to understand my work from the point of view of design and mood, as well as the sense of place it evokes.”

“For me, if a landscape comes to life, all I see is shape and colour. I’m completely compelled to paint it.”

Associated Exhibitions

Jacinda Bayne - Familiar Land
16 November - 9 December, 2018
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Ocean - Artist's Inspiration
25 May - 25 June, 2017
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PAST AND PRESENT – Jacinda Bayne
exhibition is a collection of Jacinda’s work showcasing a diverse selection of landscapes inspired by her travels throughout Western Australia, China and Croatia.
19 November - 4 December, 2016
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Little Treasures
a showcase of Studio Artists 'Little Treasures'
27 August - 4 September, 2016
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"Inside An Artists Mind"
Features a diverse and dynamic collection of self-portraits from a group of the gallery’s inspiring artists.
2 July - 20 July, 2016
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Christmas Exhibition 2015
12 Studio Artists Christmas Exhibtion
15 December, 2015 - 10 January, 2016
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