Paula Wiegmink

Paula  Wiegmink
Paula grew up in Africa and spent her youth riding horses, daydreaming by the side of a stream, observing wildlife and sketching. Trained as a classical ballet dancer and teacher. Many years later she studied art under the guidance of the late Carlo Sdoya in South Africa. She has always had a burning desire to create, whether through dance, choreography, writing or fine art. It has always been a driving force.
Featured Piece
Paula  Wiegmink Morning Call

Morning Call
- Acrylic on Canvas
52 x 102 cm
AUD$ 1,800.00

Paula  Wiegmink Studio Robin_s Debut
Studio Robin's Debut
Acrylic on Canvas  
25 x 30 cm
Paula  Wiegmink Weeping Gum
Weeping Gum
Acrylic on Canvas  
30 x 25 cm
Paula  Wiegmink What do you think_
What do you think?
Acrylic on Canvas  
30 x 30 cm